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Omlet with ham and chees  3,90.- 

English breakfast 5,90.-

Snacks and Warm hites

Chicken wings with chipotle 6,90.-

Mozzarella sticks 5,90.-

Three chees quesadillas 5,90.-

Crunchy vegetables with dip 2,90.-

Jalapenos with Cheddar 5,90.-


Hiiumaa`s homemade bread, Truubi farm`s smoked meat and salted cucumber 5,90.-

Tiny pancakes with red caviar, sour cream and onion 8,90.-

Goat chees salad 7,90.-

Citrus flavored shoot salat with giant prawns 9,90.-

Caesar`s salad with chicken or salmon fillet 6,90.-

Hot Sandwiches and Burgers

Club sandwich and French fries 9,90.-

Beef burger with grilled onion and Cheddar 9,90.-


Hungarian goulash 6,90.-

Creamy two-fish soup 6,90.-

Duck borsch 6,90.-

Green pea creamy soup with crispy bacon 4,90.-

Main Courses

Lamb carree with mashed pumpkin and peppermint cream 14,90.-

Pepper steak, asparagus, mushrooms in red wine sauce 15,90.-

Crispy skin pike with mashed peas and cheese fondue 15,90.-

Duck breast, sweet potato fries in homemade apple sauce 13,90.-

Smokey salmon, potato pie and butter-saffron cream 15,90.-

Pasta and Risotto

Penne pasta with chicken fillet, herb oil and rucola 7,90.-

Pasta with Fresca cheese and carlic 6,90.-

Beetroot risotto with mushrooms 7,90.-

Creamy risotto with mushrooms 5,90.-


Creme brulee 4,90.-

Buckthorn – cloudberry sorbee 5,90.-

Golf balls on the lawn (almond-coconut ball with peppermint cream) 4,90.-

Hot chocolate cake with raspberry sauce 5,90.-

Kids and Youngsters

Cheeseburger with French fries 4,90.-

Pasta with ham and cheese 4,50.-

Ham and cheese pancakes with cold sauce 3,90.-

Handmade chicken nuggets with Frensh fries 4,50.-

Homemade cutlet with mashed potatoes 4,50.-

Grilled sausage with French fries and salad 3,90.-

Pancakes with raw jam 3,90.-

Ice cream coctail 4,50.-

Ice cream of your  choice 3,90.-



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